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Students for gender equality.


Nova SBE Student Club 

Welcome to the Nova Women in Business Website, your hub for all general information about us.


For regular updates on upcoming events and recruitment phases, stay connected with us on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Firms interested in collaborating with us, please email We are excited to hear from you! 


Together, let's shape a brighter future for female leadership! 



Nova Women in Business is a student club based at Nova School of Business and Economics in Portugal that targets the existing gender gap in our society, specifically focusing on the business world.

NWiB was the first student club to address gender inequality issues in Portugal. Since our founding in 2016, NWiB has been constantly thriving for growth and change to further increase public awareness. 


To raise awareness and consciousness towards the issue of gender inequality, we engage with the university's community, leading international firms and beyond by promoting events and discussions addressing the need for positive change.


Our mission is to help women develop the relevant skills to become future successful leaders. NWiB aims to create a network of thriving female business students and leading international firms, thus supporting our members' personal and professional development.

In conclusion, we thrive to build a community of strong and independent women.

Who we are


We advocate for gender equality, by addressing issues such as gender gaps and pay disparities to foster awareness and drive positive change in the business environment. Our mission is to empower young women to embrace both professional and personal challenges by strengthening their confidence and resilience. Through a variety of engaging initiatives, we help them develop the relevant soft and hard skills to become future successful leaders and discover relevant career opportunities.


Our mission

We firmly believe that a more equal and inclusive future goes beyond choice and is our collective responsibility. We are deeply committed to fostering an inclusive environment that champions equality and empowerment for all. Central to our values is our commitment to diversity, recognizing the strength that emerges from a multitude of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. Honesty, integrity, and respect serve as guiding principles, illuminating the way for transparent communication and ethical decision-making.  

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